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Our mission is to empower children and young people who are at risk of under-achieving to fulfil their potential. 

We aim to help them rise up above their negative behaviour patterns and environments, through a series of reflective learning, confidence building and positive behaviour led programmes that have mindfulness at their heart; these can be delivered directly into schools (educational settings), online or through effective partnerships.


Our vision is to create a future where every at-risk youth thrives, enabling a society filled with successful children and young people.

Our aim is: ‘no child left behind’.

Success Club Charity

Success Club is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence both in and outside the classroom.

Success Club is a registered charity supporting children and young people who are potentially at risk of under-achieving, both academically & socially.

We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence both in and outside the classroom.

Success Club believes when children and young people succeed in the moment, they are able to create templates they can refer to at any time.

We help students understand the wider implications of negative attitudes, allowing them to find solutions to issues they may face now and in the future.

Our team puts mindfulness at the heart of our intervention, teaching children and young people how to develop a better relationship with themselves.

Success Club Charity

Success Club Delivery Models

Programmes are designed to be delivered in the most effect methods.

  •  Face to face in schools or educational settings by Success Club
  •  Face to Face by other skilled educational stakeholders
  •  Online (live) training
  •  Online (recorded) training
  •  Lesson plan resources for third parties

Programme execution type

  •  Many programmes for primary pupils will be delivered on a whole class basis
  •  Some programmes will be select groups or individuals in ‘at risk’ categories
  •  Some programme will be specific targeted interventions


When possible, we aim to recruit and train up valuable members of local communities to be able to deliver these programmes.

Programme Audience

The Success Club Programmes are designed to reach the maximum number of young people by training and enabling.

  •   Young people
  •  Their Educational stakeholders
  •  Their Parents or responsible adults
  •  Volunteers
  •  Partners and alliances

From the Success Club Curriculum or Bespoke training



Success Club is an inclusive organisation with a non-discriminatory policy. Our programmes are devised to serve all audiences equally but we will, on occasion, develop programmes to reach certain specific target demographics who are over-represented and under-served within our communities or who are the subject of restricted funds (grants)

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