Schools & Teachers


We have created back to school programmes based on our six key pillars. Where possible, we work with the whole class groups (unless otherwise stipulated) in order to emulate the way society looks and to teach all children how to operate as an effective community.

Schools Programmes

We provide support and learning opportunities to primary and secondary school children which leads them through an effective transition into secondary school and provides them with continued guidance throughout their educational journey up to year 9 and sometimes beyond.

Our core aim is to support and maintain mental and emotional well-being through the self-development of young people who are potentially at risk of under-achieving academically and socially as a result of challenging and negative behaviour patterns in addition to the multiple impacts that  the Covid-19 pandemic has had.


Mindfulness in schools is not just about children and young people; it is also very much about those who care for them.

The benefits of mindfulness in the adult world are well-researched and the positive impact it can have on teachers, counsellors and carers is central to our vision.

These benefits include: stress regulation and reduction, increased self-compassion and increased teaching efficacy.

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