Volunteer with Success Club

What our volunteers say

“I’ve really enjoyed volunteering with Success Club and have learnt so much. I love seeing the difference it makes when a child discovers something new about themselves.”  


Be better in the next moment than you were in the last.

There are so many exciting ways you can get involved and join the Success Club volunteering family.

In School

Embark on a rewarding journey with Success Club’s In-School Volunteer Opportunities, where you can play a pivotal role in supporting various programs and initiatives.

Support Facilitator

Support permanent facilitators to run in school programmes.

HAF Volunteer

Support the running of the HAF programme.

School Support Worker

Work with schools outside our regular programmes to provide additional support.

Staff Training (support)

Come alongside partner school staff to support wellbeing and their use of mindfulness.

Wellbeing / Mindfulness Advocate

Supporting programmes and partner schools in the area of wellbeing and mindfulness.

Sports Specialist

Providing additional sports support within and in addition to our programmes.

Community Advocate

Supporting partner schools engage with their community and educating about Success Club.


Step into the dynamic realm of Success Club’s Marketing Volunteer Opportunities, where your passion for promoting positive change can thrive.

Brand Ambassador

Representing Success Club at networking events and fairs.

Engagement Volunteer

Engage with schools and supporters to extend the reach of Success Club.

Marketing Support

Generating marketing materials and communications.

Behind the Scenes

Discover the hidden engine that powers Success Club’s impact with our Behind the Scenes Volunteer Opportunities.

Admin Advocates

Support our organisation behind the scenes with office.

Digital Specialists

Developing and expanding our digital footprint and reach.

Get involved

For more information or to talk about getting involved email: