Be better in the next second than you were in the last…

Success Club is a Charity that supports young people who are potentially at risk of under-achieving, both academically & socially.

Success Club is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence both in and outside the classroom.

Success Club believes when children succeed in the moment, they are able to create templates they can refer to at any time.

We help students understand the wider implications of negative attitudes, allowing them to find solutions to issues they may face now and in the future. 

Our team puts mindfulness at the heart of our intervention, teaching young people how to develop a better relationship with themselves. 

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We want to lend our support to help you build a better school community.
Our core aim is to support and maintain the performance of young people who are potentially at risk of under-achieving academically and socially as a result of challenging and negative behaviour patterns.

We strive to provide support and learning opportunities to primary school children which enhances their personal development

Quote of the week

“Trust the still, small voice that says, ‘this might work and I’ll try it.”

Diane Mariechild

Simple Steps to Success

Mindfulness Resources

Success Club Mindfulness Resources for children, parents, or schools.

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Success Club run carefully structured, engaging enrichment programmes.

Covid-19 Support

Wellbeing mindfulness assemblies for families, individuals, during lockdown.

Our Supporters

Our Sponsors

Success Club CIO are proud sponsors of the amazing work both these groups do to not only save lives but also to help young people and their families to live better ones.

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