Student Questionnaire – Course 5

Success Club Testimonial Form

    Rate yourself from 1-4 about the following topics by selecting the appropriate number:

    1 = Poor, 2 = Ok, 3 = Good, 4 = Excellent

    1. How would you rate your mental health/wellbeing? Are you someone that is able to stay happy no matter what happens at school or home?

    2. How resilient are you? How well can you cope with failure and setbacks?

    3. How successful are you at coping with your own stress, anxiety (worrying) and general well-being?

    4. How good are your relationships with other students and teachers at school?

    5. How confident are you that you can be successful? Do you believe that you can change your circumstances and achieve what you want to achieve?

    6. How positive do you feel about this year and next year at school and the future after you leave primary school?

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