Student Questionnaire – Course 4

Success Club Testimonial Form

    Rate yourself from 1-4 about the following topics by selecting the appropriate number:

    1 = Poor, 2 = Ok, 3 = Good, 4 = Excellent

    1. I feel confident in my abilities – I am a confident person who does well at school and at home.

    2. I am good at working in a group. I have good teamwork skills and I work well with others.

    3. I am a leader. Other people look to me for answers and I am able to help others with confidence.

    4. I have good relationships with my classmates. I get on well with most people and I know I am well liked. I find it easy to talk and play with other people.

    5. I feel like I really belong to the school community. I feel connected to others and I have a sense of purpose. I know I am valuable.

    6. I feel positive about the future. I know I have the skills to move forward after Primary School and do well.

    7. I feel happy going to school – I enjoy being at school and I know what to do or who to ask for help with any problems or issues that may happen during the school day.

    8. I feel happy when I am at home with my family. I am able to work through any problems or issues (either by myself or with family members) that arise when I’m at home.

    9. Whenever I am anxious or worried, I understand how I can make myself feel better or less stressed.

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