Student Questionnaire – Checkpoint

Success Club Testimonial Form

    Respond to the following statements by circling the correct answer for you:

    Not at all, A little bit, Quite a bit or A lot

    1. I am enjoying the mindfulness practises.

    2. The mindfulness practise makes me feel calmer/better.

    3. I feel emotionally safe during the SC sessions.

    4. I feel listened to.

    5. I am feeling calmer in general.

    6. I feel able to cope with my emotions better.

    7. I am feeling/being more resilient.

    8. I feel that I am worth listening to – I have something important to say.

    9. I am beginning to understand what triggers my poor behaviour.

    10. I am starting to understand the effects my disruptive behaviour can have on others and myself.

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