Players Questionnaire – Tottenham Hotspurs Reading Scheme

Success Club Testimonial Form

    Can you rate the statements on a scale of 1-4? Add a brief comment explaining or exploring your rating.

    Not at all, A bit, Quite a lot or A lot

    1. Working with the young students has taught me new skills.

    2. I feel more confident in myself.

    3. I feel more confident working with others (children/adults).

    4. I have learnt a lot about the young students I am working with.

    5. I have made genuine connections with the young students.

    6. I am confident that I can be a success.

    7. I am confident that I could do something other than playing football in the future.

    8. I feel proud to be working with and for my local community.

    9. I feel proud to be a mentor and role model for younger children.

    10. I feel like I have made a real difference.

    11. I have learnt some useful strategies to help me manage stress/anxiety/difficult situations.

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