Month: December 2023

HAF Easter Project

HAF Easter Project Application Forms We have A new programme coming up in April for 5-11 year olds.FREE for children receiving FSM benefitSuffolks Primary School HAF Easter Project Application Form3rd April - 6th April Suffolks Primary School, Brick Lane, Enfield, EN1...

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Practice Makes You…

Most people say perfect but I don't believe it does. Perfection is a mirage, once we believe we've reached it, what else is there? No, in my mind practice makes you better and the more you practice, the better you become. So. Keep practicing...

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Believing in something

I'm not religious but I'm definitely spiritual. The belief that a greater good is out there is very strong within me and I believe that we, you and I, are that greater good. It doesn't matter which 'Higher Self' you believe in but in my humble opinion, we can become...

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Movement and the Mind

What has happened to exercise in schools? Increasingly, schools are being judged on academic scores, SAT’s, GCSE’s and A-levels which become the reference point for how good a school is. It is understandable then that when a school’s management is trying to improve...

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